About Services Unlimited Heating and A/C

I, Clint Jones, founded our company in 2008.  I bring to the company a lifetime of experience since I grew up learning the HVAC business from my daddy.  I hold 2 licenses in the HVAC industry, H-3 class 1 for residential installations and an H-2 for commercial applications. We began with only 5 employees and have grown to 9 fulltime and 1 part-time in only a few years. We now have 3 service technicians to serve our customers in servicing or repairing their units and 3 installation crews to provide quality installations. We also have a sheet metal fabrication shop and access to a large selection of equipment brands.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"My Mitsubishi mini split in our bonus room is the better than Clint said.  It is so quiet, I don’t even know it is on, the room is always comfortable and I did lose any of my storage space with ducts or a furnace."
-Dana, Raleigh

"With my old unit I was only able to use half the house because the upstairs never was comfortable.  With the new unit though, I can use the whole house and be comfortable all year long."
-Heather, Cary

"Our new unit is so much quieter, I don’t even know when it is on unless I walk by a vent and our power bill has dropped substantially."
-Sharon, Zebulon

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